echoes from the void

2024-05-07 04:58:45
Skell was here. B)

i am sending you a brick in the mail

2024-04-09 09:26:38
merry 2024 or whatever, please do not forget about us void-dwellwers -hisshami

not to worry i read the messages and then just forget to ever update the website

2024-03-31 11:53:46
Happy Easter. May your rats be many and your cats be few.

i think after they clock out for the day of doing tom and jerry hijinks rats and cats are good friends

2024-03-21 19:50:19
my friend thinks your cool

tell your friend to do a cartwheel

2024-03-21 08:13:32


2024-03-21 08:13:31


2024-01-15 18:25:03
happy new year!

ah, the passage of time

2023-12-26 10:17:12
I AM LATE!! may your days BEE merry and bright ! ! ! !

i am EVEN LATER ! buzz buzz

2023-12-25 07:09:03
it looks dark down there, how big is this place?

it goes further down if you try

2023-12-16 01:14:40
yo. this is still one of the coolest website I've found. hope you're still alive and kicking.

i'm alive! i didn't die i swear!! things are normal!!!

2023-12-15 12:46:59
I can't believe CW is over...

(teen girl squad voice) it's over!

2023-09-22 08:33:52
how have you been?

i'm alive, okay? i'm fine. i'm normal. i'm, you know. sorry.

2023-09-16 19:56:19
how are you ?

still surviving. trying my best

2023-09-06 07:56:24

whether or not you meant to the sound clip played in my head

2023-08-30 15:42:06
sometimes i wonder how i could ever come up with cool alien vegetation when real life plants are already weird beyond imagination. anyway resisting the urge to bite every leaf i see at the botanical garden

who's going to stop you. unless the plant doesn't have that many leaves, then maybe let it be. but otherwise...

2023-08-24 00:57:09
armored core

you're right. you're so right.

2023-08-23 06:51:17
hi! just wanted to pop in and say that 1933 is amazing
HOLY CRAP 1920- the eldritch horror is so compelling


2023-07-29 22:09:38
Is there another?

depends what you're talking about, but if i had to guess, probably

2023-07-09 10:27:11
Why did you create this website?

wanted to have a place of my own. turns out that requires work

2023-07-06 22:55:58
I saw it.


2023-06-04 01:50:34
Hello? Has the void evolved? Been dissolved? If nothing is there will my screams echo back at all?

oh yeah sorry i keep forgetting to go through these

2023-06-03 02:46:27


2023-05-31 12:23:51

never doubt it

2023-05-27 04:02:20
Is [link, removed] here???????????????????????????????????????????????


2023-05-03 17:39:11
Was 1919 inspired by Berserk?

the thought process for that was mostly that skeletons are cool and that wheels are also cool

2023-02-27 21:43:14
what is the nicneven website? it is so confusing

i don't know i didn't make it, i just think it's neat

2023-02-18 07:11:30
1900 !! cool plants !!! also (extremely late to this, but) i am by no means a finnish grammar expert yet but i think you wrote your reciprocated christmas wishes correctly?? even if you didn't, it's still cool that you tried. kiitos !


2023-01-31 06:16:15
hey uh are there secret webpages here that are not connected to the main scite

yeah probably

2023-01-03 12:22:16
is Car Comics ever coming back

i sure hope so

2020-12-25 17:39:12
hyvää joulua!!

haluan myös sinulla hyvää joulua!
if whoever wrote this two years ago is still here, please correct my grammar. yritän

2022-12-20 21:31:30
at last i have found you. i scraped every link, gave up, hail mary'd and here i am. really great stuff.
were there any inspirations for this website and how you organized it?

i make the pages one at a time in notepad so really its just the bare minimum of what i know how to do. for something a bit more put together you should check out the angus nicneven website

2022-12-16 02:32:56
Peepee poopoo :)

ooh what the

2022-12-05 13:30:48
fleeeEEEesh creaturrreee....

so much flesh

2022-10-24 18:05:08
rat collage take 2

oh this is just wonderful

2022-10-10 11:05:43

i agree

2022-09-12 20:52:38
wow !

oho !

2022-09-06 11:55:56
what would you say are your biggest/most influential inspirations when it comes to your art? or if there's nothing specific, what are some of your favorite movies/games/comics?

reflections in glass at night

2022-09-04 12:14:04
do you have kali linux

i have a thinkpad running debian

2022-08-22 05:31:58
I've found it! the way to get to the section I have been searching for! I just want to thank you, for this experience. This oddity is the most fun I have had in a while, and is truly mystical. Despite knowing you are just some guy on the internet, this site makes you feel like so much more. The difficult navigation just makes it so rewarding to find a new page, and there are always new things to discover in the /everyday catalog.10/10, would recommend

i should still probably have a visual gallery of finished pictures

2022-07-19 13:09:22
Shadow of the colossus but the bull has been modded to be a rat, therefore, giant rat.

colossal rat

2022-07-11 20:58:48
Happen to know any uncanny and/or slightly creepy/weird games that DONT have gore and blood and other funky stuff just for the shock value??? Hard to find anything tasteful in my opinion. Also i hope ur good

i have been meaning to play silent hill 2 for years now but all i know about it is that it sets a high bar for "respectful horror game" and that it's the only time pyramid head should show up. darkwood seemed pretty good about this from what little i've seen but other than that, the horror games that tend to treat their subject matter well either are weird small indie projects or aren't advertized as horror games

2022-06-30 17:18:33
i dont blame you for disappearing. i hope it helped and that the time prior was productive. wish the best for you. love you.

sorry. thank you. love you too.

2022-06-21 21:03:55
I think one of my favorite things I've seen in art fight is the backstory to how golden pyramid head man lost his arm.

i don't think it's canon but it IS funny which counts for a lot.

2022-06-19 22:46:02
i want to tell you a secret. well it won't be a secret anymore. i'll tell you because you're just here, and we don't know eachother, and everyone i thought i could tell, i'm not sure if i should tell them. so i think i can tell you, i've found my dream. i think i've found who i want to be. thank God, i wouldn't have realised what i wanted to be. but thank you for being here, even though you aren't really here, you're there :)

follow your dreams

2022-06-15 20:01:48
did you make smallrat website too?

i don't need a second website i can barely keep up with this one

2022-06-15 09:35:53
Happy late birthday!

happy late me responding to it was my birthday !

2022-05-21 00:55:08 uh i don't know how to send pics effectively but. here are some bits from the finished rat mural: <link>

i don't think i have permission to view this

2022-05-01 21:17:05
i've started keeping a list of goofy or interesting animals. if you know any, please do share. for instance, there's this cool missouri freshwater mussel whose foot looks a small fish. it even twitches around, mimicking fish movement, to attract bass and such.

curly lizard

2022-04-21 13:32:35
it was super foggy again today but instead of being the dead of night it was 8 AM and the sun was high in the sky


2022-04-14 19:31:25

good job

2022-04-01 10:56:56
i love when im scrolling through the every day art and i see little snippets of a wip portrait and its like "oh yeahhh this shits gonna be good"
anywasy 1393 is a masterpiece

yeah that one took a while

2022-04-01 04:59:59
this is,.., tr,uly a website indee,d mein freundin


2022-03-31 21:26:11
this site is slowly working less and less on my browser

that's strange because it doesn't do anything fancy and it also never updates

2022-03-24 17:18:59
woah... how long did it take you to learn html?

that's the trick. i never did. i have no idea what i'm doing

2022-03-17 18:46:43
weird mask!!!


2022-03-16 11:00:24
EasyWeb - Card 4724090********* is disabled. FoIIow the steps to avoid confirmation.


2022-03-12 14:28:07
can you here me i am screaming


2022-03-12 14:27:47
how long did it take for you to make this website

not that long i don't think. html is mostly a markup language so it was a few cycles of thinking of something that i want, and looking up how to do it

2022-03-06 23:44:17
rat paintings are going well! do you have anything you would like a rat to be doing that i might include?

having a cool time. perhaps muching upon a tasty treat, or taking a snooze

2022-02-24 15:26:09
Do you play any instruments


2022-02-18 06:02:53


2022-02-14 18:55:37
soon i will be painting many tiny rats in the art hallway!

amazing news. ratspeed.

2021-04-12 13:37:49
it has been a while

hope you're doing well

2022-02-13 17:48:58
What advice do you give to beginning artists?

in general, i don't. i'm not a very good teacher

2022-02-01 15:31:57
hey hey i hope 2022 is great for you


2022-01-21 13:48:44
where pictures?

i'm working on it

2022-01-20 17:25:17
Ahhh insomnia

i have been sleeping terribly

2022-01-20 14:29:16
have you finished picklesbook yet? also do you think its worth 7 dollars on ios

if you have a child that you want to entertain with technology maybe. its value to me is mostly based on my history with it

2022-01-18 11:51:13
2 snowdays in a row after having 1 foot of snow, i find it funny how easily something like the weather can throw humanity into complete disrepair

depends if people have the means to deal with it i suppose

2022-01-18 11:38:56
wow 2022!

it sure is

2021-12-30 00:44:11
the town was covered in fog driving home. everything seemed softer. i couldn't see the streetlight poles from a distance so they looked like lonely spotlights stuck into a grey tarp (and everything was grey, not black, because of the light diffusion. traffic lights would tint the air red). buildings appeared slowly as solid blocks and even when i got closer their edges were blurred. when i turned off the main road and turned on my high-beams, whose lights were outlined, i could see the cloud forms as i passed through them. lots of photons bounced around and i could barely see shit.
i love the weather and atmosphere :) one of the best parts of last semester was when i would have to go to school super early and i could see the sunrise on the drive there almost every day

a few days ago i was out at night and there was so much fog i could feel it above me. would be nice if it wasn't so concerning that this was happening in the winter

2021-12-27 23:25:32
Hi, associate professor of CS&S at UC Berkeley here. I have recently been informed you have come into possession of University software. Now I don't want to bring any sort of Lawyer, but you are in possession of intellectual property. Mail the contents of the software to this address and please delete anything remaining on your system.


2021-12-20 18:40:00
the worst thing is finding out that early chemistry classes are just math, not even the relatively fun kind

what do you mean all math is fun

2021-12-12 13:06:57
what happened to the person that used to call you gilbert

i don't know if they ever sent me anything after the first message when they called me gilbert. its a good name

2021-12-12 13:03:30
help i need scissors

snip snip

2021-12-10 14:08:41 I forget if I said anything unanswered prior to this so sorry if that's the case. Have you seen Erik Grankvist and his log cabin videos

i have not but i did see a guy raising a glass of orange juice to some empty rooms

2021-12-03 09:43:24 hahab cheestmas

moby stilton

2021-11-28 11:07:31 one time i was visiting the smithsonian and my dad had to go to the emergency room and while we were there there was a guy right next to us who was from the same midwestern town of 20k people

imagine how many people weren't

2021-11-27 19:15:31 who up ponderin they baba orb

but also: bonus

2021-11-19 17:08:59 colossal rodent


2021-11-16 21:33:33
many dark orbs together like boba

i have acquired all of the baba orbs and unlocked the images

2021-11-11 23:12:45
reading about different biological molecule names that make me feel things:
- there's a protein called MAP kinase which is activated by MAP kinase kinase which is activated by MAP kinase kinase kinase
- there's a protein called Bad that encourages cell suicide
reading about neurons and stuff is so trippy. like aahhh our brains are just chemicals and electricity what the fuck aaaaaahhh

Bad protein instead of cell there is a dark orb

2021-11-08 07:59:27


2021-11-07 18:58:42
heyey it's been months. how're you? have you watched squid game? oh and what's your favourite colour? i've been curious :)

i don't really watch tv shows or movies

2021-11-06 14:55:32
Man haven't been here in a while. I've missed a bit. Cool to see everyday becoming more general, I very much enjoyed your pumpkin photo (and your doodle about sleeping on the floor...). Well that's all, have a good day then

the floor is very comfortable

2021-11-05 12:04:50


2021-11-01 21:55:55
heehe punkeen :)

ho ho poughmpkin

2021-10-31 17:56:16
october 31st!! look out for zomBEES!!!

ghoulish honey

2021-10-28 18:48:58
weird masks?? weird masks???? !!

(terrified, aside to cassilda)

2021-10-26 03:55:29
hi! I guess I've been an enjoyer of your art for about 6 years at this point, but today i found this site and this void. I've been thinking about what I'd want to say for 10 minutes, as I feel something very strongly about having found this site, but I also find myself unable to put it into words. the most I can manage is a very emotional "I'm glad to see you are still creating art."
sorry, that wasnt much of a scream let me just


2021-10-17 11:18:14 happy halloween <3

it's a spooky halloween night

2021-10-14 12:50:15
hello from the other side


2021-09-23 00:31:17
thiknin about rat. prett ycool rat.

cool rat (giant rat with sunglasses)

2021-09-22 09:06:23
yooo i havent visited this page since 8th grade, i used to admire the hell out of your art (still do) how's it goin?

i have been sleeping and not sleeping simultaneously for the past few months

2021-09-07 05:56:14
Hello keeper of the rat and void dweller, I started higher education recently!

nice and also best of luck

2021-08-27 07:47:25


2021-08-19 01:03:23
saejima rolls in with six revolvers.

i can't believe he shot all those people and then went to jail for that thing that he did

2021-08-17 01:59:01
i don't really have anything deep to say. knowing that people impact people, and are impacted by others themselves, is freaky. it's an infinitely complicated chain reaction that eventually culminates in the present self. and you're a part of that! yep. anyway i guess this is basically a fan letter. i appreciate you and i hope you're doing well.
ngl i'm getting parasocial relationship vibes from this, but i think that's kinda the inherent nature of many internet interactions. giant rat!!

hell yeah giant rat

2021-08-17 01:58:16
this is being fueled by my inability to go to sleep when i should and my unawareness of boundaries on the internet. sorry in advance if this is weird or if this is too much or if you don't really care.
i want you to know the impact you've had on me and how crazy it is. i've been thinking about this for a bit. i first started really following you from cfbundy, probably around june 2016. during these five years you've influenced aspects of me like my taste in art and the way i acted online. i don't know if i'd be as into horror art if i hadn't first encountered yours, and i tried to copy your /secret mysterious person/ thing too much for too long. following you also allowed me to get to know other cool people and artists, a very pleasant bonus.
uh i thought this would've been longer. i feel like i have more to say but i can't really think of it and idk if you wanna hear it. it'd probably be mostly complimenting your art because it is very very cool.

thanks. also thanks because this reminded me of buckethead and i started listening to him again

2021-08-04 17:43:45


2021-07-20 07:42:07
eyes forward. back straight. stomach in, chest out. feet shoulder-width apart in a casual stance. extend your hand in to receive the rat. grasp it firmly and with confidence. congratulations: rat

oh. thank you, very much

2021-06-14 18:37:50
damn, that seems like a tough way to do things :0 also are you the caffeine guy i saw under the lamppost eating a pair of handcuffs yesterday morning?

its just how it works because i built the whole site in notepad, the only thing i managed to automate is the collection of comments. also, probably not, i'm not much for caffeine

2021-06-12 19:29:56
why do you always respond so late (sadfaceemoji)

there are a few steps that contribute to the delay, i have to first check for new screams, then come up with something to say, then actually write it, and finally, and this one probably takes the longest, i have to actually upload the updated version of this page to the website

2021-06-06 00:18:31
yfiralc ot ,drib eht ton era uoy drib a ees i ,uoy ees i nehw


2021-05-25 22:15:22
the void is calling. it wants its [REDACTED] back.

i didn't do that. you cut yourself off there.

2021-05-22 10:10:11
i thought you'd know how to eat one

one at a time

2021-05-21 17:01:38
i have an anatomy project due tonight but i'm so tired man

remember to maintain your own anatomy

2021-05-20 11:30:27
wow i never liked hot chocolate but crocodiles are lit

how to drink a crocodile

2021-05-15 10:25:38
yo, i forgot to tell you that my cat likes to stare at 816b for a really long time before taking naps on my bed. it's like his special pre-slumber ritual. he loves a good picture

was initially confused why any of the pictures would be readily available for a cat to view but now i know exactly who this is

2021-05-12 15:41:01
Is it lonely in the void? do you get coffee there? i personally don't like coffee. maybe you're a tea person instead :0

i am going to make myself some hot choco

2021-05-08 12:33:53
i. okay that should have been way more obvious in retrospect but i'm here now. it's pretty quiet in the void. what is there to do around here?

in the void? literally nothing. honestly not much everywhere else either but people keep coming here

2021-05-07 18:23:04
do you like galactic purple?

is that something other than a color

2021-05-06 06:40:11
I have returned to the void to express my admiration for the keeper of this site's artwork! It's really beautiful and often unsettling in just the right way, and I seriously love it so much

hey, thanks. i've been in a bit of a slump lately so i haven't been finishing things as frequently but here is a duck just for you

2021-05-02 11:44:35
i just realised that a rat from above fell.

you gotta watch out for those

2021-05-01 17:04:09
i'm having a hard time answering your question. do you mean something like: when you get caught up in all the versions of everything, does differentiation between objects even occur? or, are you talking about how objects interact with and affect each other? brain hurt

oh actually i do kind of remember this one. i think my thought process was that if everything is constantly changing, it becomes difficult to pin down what any one thing is and effectively all you've really done is describe the passage of time. but i phrased it as a question? not sure where i was going with that

2021-05-01 16:45:00
in response to that one person - i totally get your point. i think we have different definitions of "spirit." when i said spirit, i referred to the exact conditions of an object's existence. how it looks, what it's made of, etc. i believe your sense of spirit is more metaphysical.
funnily enough, i think our stances on an object's identity are mirrored. you said an entity stays the same while its identity changes. i think an entity changes while its identity stays the same. this is probably due to our differing definitions. also, we might be thinking on different timescales. for instance, i'd have the same mindset as you if we were talking about a mountain. my point is more applicable for a kid going through highschool.
also, i'd say neither ship is the original.

how did this happen

2021-04-29 18:16:59
Do you have a thing for tuxedos? Or do you prefer snakes hanging from trees

tiny baby snakes. i've worn a fancy clothes or two in the past

2021-04-28 14:24:15
Thinking about the beginning of the universe really fucks me up

my favorite part is when you get to the point where it becomes "before here the known laws ofphysics no longer apply"

2021-04-26 18:30:05
the real void is the friends we made along the way


2021-04-22 06:49:56
what's your favorite dinosaur?

first of all, amazing question. but also, i don't usually think about favorites. so i don't have a definitive answer for this. for now i'm going to go with the ichthyosaur. fish lizard

2021-04-19 20:03:29
Hey there, Professor from-

oh no your uh, signal, cut out. what a shame.

2021-04-19 07:40:36
Oh cool, I found the void! Hi!


2021-04-14 18:40:45
When someone sends a message do they have a name?

not quite, but usually i can tell if the same person has sent more than one message

2021-04-12 13:37:49
it has been a while

it sure has. honestly, i don't have any desire to return to what was. hope things are alright

2021-04-08 21:01:41
ah ha i figured it out. man do i feel silly

there you go

2021-04-07 23:00:21
hey guys, welcome back to the giant rat's comment section!! make sure to smash that like button and *devolves into rat noises*

yeah sorry about that i had responses for a bunch of them and then just forgot to update the website for a week which, can you believe it i did again for this question, after typing out the first half of this response.

2021-04-07 16:43:57
If we don't wear ridiculous ties what else would define us as mysterious individuals? I don't suppose tophats would do

wouldn't you like to get one of these blood samples under a microscope

2021-04-04 09:39:42
happy BEEster!! open the egg and it's filled with BEES!!! WONDERFUL BEES!!! NOW EACH CHILD HAS A HANDFUL OF BEES!!! YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

the season of bees begins. dare i say, the beason

2021-04-02 17:08:09
So is there connected lore to this void, or is it more of interesting tidbits here and there? (mm, some spaghetti and eggs sounds good right about now)

this is my comment section where the comments only show up when i reply

2021-03-28 16:32:28
Do you know what I can consume as alien beverage ?It needs to be alien-friendly but the humans cannot know my true identity else my alien brethren cannot abduct me from here

i'm not exactly an expert on drinking

2021-03-27 13:19:00
In the case of Theseus, the new version of the ship doesn't necessarily "lose the spirit" of the original - in fact, the same spirit inhabits it, only it has been given the opportunity to grow and change. If an object becomes separate from its original form every time it changes, why bother labelling anything as an object at all? Why must it have one singular identity? Over the course of a lifetime, an object may have many thousand, many million identities. You are still the same entity you were when you were born, but your identity has changed over time. In the end, does it really matter if the ship is the original? Whatever it once was, it is changed. It exists now, and now is what truly matters.

i think sometimes when people refer to the ship of theseus, they forget the second ship. they focus on the first ship being replaced piece by piece until none of the original remains, but a second, identical ship is built from all of those pieces that are taken from the first. the question changes from "is it still the original" to "which one is the original"

2021-03-27 02:14:12
concept: star zombies

zombie star go to eat other star brain

2021-03-27 02:12:47
you can get really arbitrary with the boundaries i set - one may assume we become different people as we move through time, since you can't be exactly what you were a second ago. but anyway i guess if you inserted food into someone's mouth, outside of time, that'd still be changing them. they got new stuff in em

yeah i guess if you considered the rearrangement of dust as grounds to call something different, then food isn't that far off. how about this for a question: where do you draw the line (or do you draw the line at all) separating one object from another. how far could this extend. are you an individual, or is everything just one big cosmic soup

2021-03-23 15:07:05
green beans.

honestly i prefer snap peas

2021-03-23 15:03:55
where am i. help, i don't know how i got here


2021-03-23 08:24:19
who ate the eraser

why do we all have to wear these ridiculous ties

2021-03-22 14:48:29
But building stairs in the woods is cool :0 I ain't seen nobody else do it

i agree sets of stairs in the woods are very cool that's why i want to build them

2021-03-17 10:19:28
No matter what, no matter how little, change is change. Even if you replace the smallest board, or you take out the smallest nail, you have made a new ship of Theseus. Sure, you can absolutely call it by the same name, but it's not the same ship - in the same way you call someone by the same name even if their personality has changed. But what about the surroundings of the ship, do those affect it? If you wipe some dust off the railing, or you put the ship in a different location, does that make a different version? If you change your outfit, are you a new person? I think so. I think you've lost the spirit of the original; it's just not quite the same.

do you become a new person every time you eat or do you have to wait until you digest the food

2021-03-17 10:04:57
Much like how our bones and atoms return to the earth after we die, so too does a star's components return to its environment. In this way we both can be comforted by the knowledge that parts of us will live on, and our bodies will be used to create other things. But does Death come for stars the same way it comes for us? After a long passage of time our cells are spread far apart, almost certainly never to meet again, yet in the case of stars this is not so. They often leave behind a small, cold remnant of their old body. In this way they cannot fully be taken by Death, they cannot fully travel into the corners of space like they were meant to. There will always be a part of them stuck at home, left spinning until eternity. Do stars resent what they become? Do they resent their inability to pass into the next life, how they're stuck between the realms of living and dead? Or, after so much time, are they simply apathetic to it all?

what are the various types of collapsed stars but corpses? do we resent our bodies for persisting for a time after we have died? should we?

2021-03-14 16:56:39
why are you so cool

i don't know if that's the word i would use. i just want to build stairs in the woods

2021-03-13 12:02:40
:0 i found the place where it says why the website is called giant rat ;-;

you did it!

2021-03-12 20:08:46
Why is this website called giant rat?

the answer is somewhere on the website already. a mystery, he he he

2021-03-12 20:07:26
When you search up ''giant rat'' from the magnifying glass why are there four links that come and all show a bee saying ''goodnight''?
2021-03-12 20:08:19
Oh wait- nvm- that happens everytime you search up something through the magnifying glass, the uh-oh stage

the bee is my 404 page and the search function is very broken. i should probably take it off the map.

2021-03-09 18:22:54


2021-02-24 14:34:10
so... how much space does the void occupy? A finite amount? Infinite? Null?

have you ever heard of the aleph? a point containing all points, appearing as a small, brilliant sphere that if gazed into would reveal all space, undiminished, overlapping itself and continuing downward for as long as you can bare to view it.

2021-02-24 02:42:04
I loved your daily drawing on the --

i advise you look around a little more while you are here.

2021-02-19 03:50:51
what other platforms do you post your art on?

there are a few. i'm sure you've heard of some of them

2021-02-11 15:26:10
how many names have you won throughout your prolonged existance?

oh a whole bunch. most of them were chosen for really dumb reasons but i've gotten used to it

2021-02-10 09:55:09
I have the suspicion that cling film doesn't actually do anything and it's just a ploy to get us to buy back the plastic we recycle.

that is how recycling works, yes. although cling film itself doesn't really get recycled

2021-02-10 06:44:34
do you post your art anywhere else besides here?


2021-02-10 02:31:02
does all the screaming get tiring sometimes?

it's spaced out enough that it doesn't get too bad

2021-02-05 18:56:31
Thank you for answering my previous question. I will take a nap. The void haunts my dreams, with you inside there, so I would like to ask you another question. How did you get into the void?

don't know if i got in here as much as it is just where i exist. the void isn't so much a place as much as it is an abstraction from place, a lack of it

2021-01-21 18:16:04
I- hello, do you teach how to gain brain cells?

i think those just grow over time. granted you're not missing them from a concussion, i would recommend a nap

2021-01-20 10:36:42
how is life

still goin'

2021-01-13 22:27:59
i have discovered the void screaming hole

hey good job, also to your other question, i wasn't around when things happened so my grasp on the situation is probably as hazy as yours

2021-01-12 10:20:33
Do you ever want to just lay on the ground in the middle of the woods and stare up at the trees and relax and maybe even take a nap or something?

yes, well, maybe when the ambient temperature is above freezing

2021-01-11 17:56:38
so i wrote out a whole first part to this but then i managed to solve my question by thinking a bit (yay me). i was wondering why shadows are black. things are black because they absorb light. shadows are black because there's an absence of reflected light.
another thought though. how do darker shades of color work? there's no dark green on the color spectrum. is it another absence of light thing? are there just not as many green waves being reflected, thus making it appear darker?
actually y'know what i think that's exactly the case. wow, i managed to answer my questions just by typing them out. multiple hours of confusion answered in like thirty minutes. i guess there's less of a reason to scream this now but, again, maybe you'll find it interesting. giant rat!

could argue that because light is additive, shadows are just negative space and thus don't actually exist, but honestly the more interesting information is that because shadows are usually seen as where direct light is occluded, all of the bounced ambient light is what ends up coloring shadows more so than just pure black

2021-01-10 13:19:50
hey your continuation of a random piano chord is beautiful and i love it

thanks, it was too nice of a chord not to resolve

2021-01-09 22:13:20
i have no idea what sound is


2021-01-06 11:14:37
i appreciate being here in this dark and lonely void on this fine empty day.... how are u....

doin alright

2021-01-06 11:13:09


2021-01-02 10:45:23
is there air in there?

theres enough of an atmosphere for sound, i would hope

2020-12-30 11:02:54
hidden deep within the void is... another void

an empty nested in empty

2020-12-25 17:39:12
hyvää joulua!!

hey thanks, you as well

2020-12-22 16:25:42
for some reason I am unable to see what i scream into the void

by design, yes.

2020-12-22 16:22:51
I think I have found out how to scream into the void

good job

2020-12-20 09:36:24
Happy week of christmas!

HO HO HO ! HAPPY HOLIDAYS ! ! ! honestly i have never played this game but the video is a christmas classic

2020-12-18 05:40:48
youve been cordially invited to a science and arts sort of post-structuralist forum, with a collaborative ethos of individuals with unrelated skills.

that is a pretty wordy way of describing a chat room with two people in it. i think i will hold off for now but i might send tsorig in later to see if person two is a bot and to run some laps

2020-12-14 22:58:31

hey to that one person who wanted game recommendations i made a list

2020-12-12 16:50:30
Sorry for not being very specific, I meant him

haven't seen them in a while, hope they're doing well

2020-12-09 21:07:15
Are you friends with the red block head man?

genuinely confused who this is referring to

2020-12-08 21:26:12
here i am, screaming into the void yet probably gonna do this a lot in the future so sorry in advance. well anyways instead of asking something unusual i think ill just ask how youve been, since i dont think ive seen someone do that before... you deserve it. so. howve you been?

i'm alright. tired, mostly. entirely from sleeping at inconsistent times, so i should work on that.

2020-12-07 17:16:27
Why has this creature been in more then a few pictures?

in terms of pictures i've drawn it might just be that one and 654, but the first one was made mostly as reference to try out making a 3d model of something. since then i have forgotten most of how to make things in 3d and made the picture you're referring to as an additional bit of reference so i could add them to art fight

2020-11-29 12:03:00
I enjoyed your notes on twin peaks, consider doing some on other shows?

the problem is that i both don't really watch shows and taking notes is usually to distract from not being very engaged with something. maybe when i get around to dark souls 2 i'll try to summarize the plot or something like that

2020-11-28 13:18:28
any good games you would recommend?

this warrants making a list. check back later and i will eventually leave a link to a list

2020-11-20 16:09:46
Do you like star wars, and if so what's your favorite movie?

not really, no

2020-11-17 08:17:47
if you don't mind a bit of horror/scary factor in your games, i recommend SOMA. it has a captivating story which deals with some serious moral dilemmas, and also some cool puzzles and a fantastic underwater/submarine environment.

sadly while i very much enjoy the look of horror/scary, a lot of things i find miss the mark of actually being horror/scary. soma has some ideas, but i think it's a bit too heavy-handed and explicit with what it's doing to be effective

2020-11-16 21:37:18
Hey I didnt see antichamber on your list of games and i think youd find it interesting. Just thought id recommend it

i have heard of antichamber and it seems interesting, however i would like to limit the list to games that i own

2020-11-15 01:06:43
do you like ducks?

oh you hear about the new duck game update? looking forward to trying it out soon

2020-11-07 08:22:29 hi so I just found out the secret and I feel a bit dumb now but what is ur fav video game??? mine is prolly stardew valley or sky but I’m not sure lol

i don't know if i will ever settle on one game as my favorite but i can always recommend other people play half-life. not only is it a good video game but it is also old enough that it will run on almost anything

2020-11-06 22:10:00
'house of leaves' by mark danielewski. i'm not sure if i've already screamed this recommendation to you - at the very least, i thought of you while reading it. it has some extremely cool concepts, and it also plays with different ways of formatting/story telling. thumbs up

hold on i think i have this one.
ok yeah i have been recommended this book at some point enough that i have a copy but i have yet to actually read it

2020-11-03 11:06:03
Why is the search function called unusable if it has usefulness?

if you can find its present state useful then go ahead but it is not going to be updated any time soon

2020-11-01 01:10:41
does the void take book recommendations?

doesn't hurt to try

2020-10-27 07:47:07
fair point. life is defined as biological. (and, as an extension to part 2, life could be sillicon-based, i believe.) i guess my focus was more on the idea of sentience.

that gets more into generic philosophy where almost any conclusion has already been reached and several essays and probably books have been written about it. my personal views on sentience are not favorable

2020-10-26 17:53:25
i don't know if i'm the one who screamed the first two alien things, because i have a horrible memory, but i guess it's about time for part three. what is our definition of alive, anyway? what separates something alive from something dead? why are bacteria alive but the sun not? what is anything, even?
i have arrived at the conclusion that aliveness is subjective

while it may be entertaining to think about a definition of life that includes stars and what else that definition would deem a living thing, unfortunately the serious version of the conversation comes down to generic biological processes and whether or not something like a virus counts as being alive, which is kind of boring.

2020-10-26 11:16:38
I was alone in the void until I found you. Could I sit and watch you draw? Your art is comforting.

i am going to draw either way

2020-09-17 10:46:50
read any good books lately?

finished Song for the Unraveling of the World recently, a bunch of short stories. i liked the one about the man in the gold suit

2020-08-21 15:44:27
Tomrummet, det får flere stemmer, der smides i det, interessant.

more interesting that you would say that when you're the same person who sent me the last message

2020-08-20 11:23:03
Would you be willing to play minecraft with me?

the real challenge would be to convince me to play minecraft in the first place

2020-08-07 17:30:09
If you live in the void where there is basically nothing accept the occasional giant void worm, where do you get the paper / computer to draw your (beautiful) art.

don't worry about it

2020-07-18 22:28:31
with everyone locked into their homes until the next forever, have you considered getting into twitch streaming at all? games? art? though i'm unsure if streaming art in front of a live audience would disrupt your workflow

i've tried streaming draw before, and it actually tends to keep me pretty focused, but once i get into that state i'd rather just keep drawing rather than set up a stream. also, to be clear, i would likely not interact with viewers at all and at that point why bother

2020-06-11 02:10:58
got any artist inspirations?

yeah, probably

2020-05-24 21:49:03
would you ever sell prints ? :-0

beyond having such a fundamental disconnect with any sort of audience that i'm not sure to what extent they exist, i also have no idea what potential people would want printed and also also, what would even be suitable for printing in the first place

2020-04-22 11:10:36
is your art supposed to be beautiful and thought provoking? or just plain weirdness that you pull from your brain?

you don't need my permission to interpret things however you want

2020-04-21 21:51:27

i'm a little late answering this but it DID snow a few days ago and it was weird

2020-04-11 18:39:43
bzzzzzzzzzzzz happy BEEster!!


2020-02-27 21:31:53
What if there was a video where it was a nightcam in the woods and it was just doing its thing filmin all the nightlife and such, but in the background very far away is the vague shape of a ghostly figure, the kind that follows you up dark stairs or through empty hallways. You wouldn't notice it at first because it would be so hidden, but once you did you of course couldn't not see it. What if there was a whole YouTube channel whose only videos were of this kind, like a spooky where's Waldo? I think that’s be cool and also it probably already exists. Anyway I'm spooking myself out ouch


2020-02-27 10:27:24
what was your first account on scratch?

's a secret. also really old and kind of embarrassing

2020-02-24 01:13:02
what would you consider to be the worst thing you filmed yourself doing on the ol' youtube channel?

oddly the worst thing was probably the oven toast. it was just really dry.

2020-02-14 08:08:20


2020-02-11 10:37:00
Watching the weather is fun. I feel happy when it rains.

thats nice

2020-02-11 10:35:09
hey gilbert, do you experience boredom?

pretty regularly

2020-02-05 23:23:40
Hey look it's snow.

snow day?

2020-01-27 06:47:17
do you have a name? can i call you gilbert?

there are some names i won't respond to. gilbert is fine

2020-01-25 17:12:37
to show people your art


2020-01-23 15:10:05
Mind if I upload your new drawings to Scratch? (with credit)


2020-01-22 16:28:06
year of giant rat let's go

rat year rat year

2020-01-21 10:05:32
Just then a burning skeleton with a pumpkin on it's head runs past you.


2020-01-18 17:25:26
you should make a cool beksinski-like oil painting sometime

have been thinking should actually get paint first

2020-01-07 07:32:17
have you ever heard of hollow knight?

this is also on the game list but is not the highest priority, mostly because it is not a game that friends are telling me to beat so they can talk to me about how great it is, rather, it's a game i've seen people who i do not frequently talk to talk about how great it is

2020-01-06 22:59:41
hey, friend. friend here. have you ever genuinely thought about taking commissions? if not, what's stopping you or driving you away from the idea?

rather than pretending to blame my one experience of being commissioned it's more that i don't have a real process to get drawings done and i'd rather not leave the quality of a drawing up to chance when someone else's money is on the line

2020-01-02 13:03:48

i'm so glad

2019-12-24 14:43:35
ho ho ho! merry christmas from bee santa!


2019-12-16 14:07:57
LOOK at all these BOOKS!!!!!

books time

2019-12-16 10:17:25
Have you ever played Pathologic, or Pathologic 2?

as i have mentioned before, wonderful games. excellent games. i have got to play more of them and actually finish them eventually.

2019-12-15 10:40:55
i'm having my first energy drink and i feel like i'll either have a heart attack or become god

yeah that sounds about right

2019-12-12 10:44:47
why in the search function does it say it's unusable? also did you purposefully name your scratch account after an area in in the fallout game?

the search function is unusable in that you have to just know what to search and it is way too much effort to maintain. shalebridge was a deadly shadows reference. not that fond of fallout.

2019-12-11 11:38:48
this seems a lot like an ARG. btw what's your name?

no and no

2019-12-04 06:50:39
can we be friends?

you are welcome to try

2019-12-02 10:34:25
shalebridge why did they make you banned?

while you're at it i'm sure you can come up with a theory for that too

2019-11-30 11:16:31
do you have anything else in mind?

not sure in what context, but chances are very good

2019-11-19 23:59:44
you're in the know, right?

don't you dare look at me!

2019-11-18 18:03:00
I am a human.

good for you

2019-11-05 14:52:21
what do you eat?


2019-10-16 21:45:02
what is the purpose of the about page if it has nothing about you?

what are you talking about it's got baby moon

2019-10-13 15:02:54
who are you ?

just me

2019-10-07 14:43:53
i'm gonna hug the giant rat and no one can stop me

follow your dreams

2019-10-01 11:15:48
rat tober time?

i don't think i can make it through another rat tober

2019-09-29 02:30:38
hmm... s'a little chilly in here

time to put on another sweater

2019-09-28 20:06:23
idk why but i will scream an update to my alien thought
while i still agree that our planet is the only example of life we have, i don't think there could be much, if any, differentiation in the formation of cells. considering the rigid nature of atoms and how they bond, and that (hopefully) atoms are the same throughout the universe, it doesn't seem like life could be anything but carbon based.
alien life could/would certainly still be in the likes of something never seen before, but probably not as severely as i used to think.
but who knows! not me! giant rat!!

even if cell and carbon based, who's to say the organs within the cells would look the same. different structures for different environments. neat stuff to think about. giant rat.

2019-09-23 10:47:38
what is the darkest part of the void

it's empty

2019-09-18 06:09:01
How do you get lost things/people/people who left for no apparent reason and you need them back/entities that left for no apparent reason and you need them back to return? Asking for a friend.

at some point it becomes apparent that my tendency towards patience is just a mask for fear

2019-09-13 16:11:59
mega rodent!


2019-09-12 21:56:22
Silence is golden.

2019-09-12 18:52:23
I don't like my reflection

hopefully only the physical one

2019-09-04 15:31:51
I am lost

not to worry, here is a map
hm. hey this idea is way cooler than the search feature, i might replace that with this

2019-09-03 06:14:09
how do you deal w life when you are constantly being brought down?

one day at a time. try not to think about it. this is not advice, and i should probably find other ways to navigate through life.

2019-08-26 16:56:07
how was the void's day today?

vem brilhar mais ser uma estrela sobre o sol

2019-08-20 04:31:00
hi void

the void says hi back

2019-08-11 22:53:36


2019-08-09 20:18:33
End me.

i'd rather not

2019-07-26 17:51:18
no longer stressed! all is good

oh good

2019-07-26 16:33:41
i'm stressed oh boy!!!!!!

oh shit

2019-07-19 21:35:58
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 🐙 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 🐀 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

2019-07-10 19:55:58
i have thoughts but no one to tell them to.
so i'll just tell you this.

not sure if there was supposed to be more to this

2019-07-05 16:43:40
hey! you! still being attacked bye rats? well i have the solution for you! THE CHEESE CANNON! it's a cannon that shoots cheese. you shoot the cheese out of the cannon and they go after it i just threw one down into the void for you!

gave the ammunition to the rats instead and now we are friends

2019-06-24 10:07:15
don't panic but... there are around three hundred rats with toothpicks for swords surrounding your house.


2019-06-15 20:43:41
does the void have walls?

void has whatever gets put in it

2019-06-15 16:35:50
runs up to the void and rings the doorbell and then runs away really fast

hello? is anyone there? must've been rats

2019-06-14 22:09:07
c d f o r s? or c g l m o s?

cglmos is more recent but i like the look of the letters in cdfors more

2019-06-02 08:10:32
how was the void created?


2019-05-30 09:56:50
are there animals in the void?

if you go far enough you can find anything

2019-05-29 18:58:07
does the void remember who screams into it?

not indefinitely

2019-05-29 10:45:32
i have ascended beyond the mortal realm


2019-05-28 10:27:00
would it be okay if i jumped down there to join you?

there's plenty of room
oh by the way you got cut off last time. i didn't expect anyone to hit the character limit

2019-05-24 08:09:48

slow down a little bit there

2019-05-23 18:57:49
(i screamed)

i can see that

2019-05-23 07:53:53


2019-05-23 00:47:47
Does the void get lonely.

sometimes it is nice to be with friends but sometimes it's nice to be alone

2019-05-20 23:18:24
I can only assume there are very few colors in the Void.

just means you have to treasure the colors you can find even more

2019-05-20 16:04:40
654 is behind me what should i do?

stand up straight, firm handshake, eye contact, wait, does it even have eyes?

2019-05-19 12:01:39
question, what other creatures are down there besides you?

various things float by but with so much space between everything it's hard to judge how large they are

2019-05-17 17:55:55
so... how did you get here?

i live here

2019-05-17 16:19:04
how did i get here?

same way as anyone else, i suppose

2019-05-10 16:32:31
how old is the eternal worm, is he friendly?

maybe stay out of the state of connecticut

2019-05-06 14:39:00
my friend once said that all buildings are non-euclidean, as they're built on a sphere. are people non-euclidean too? huh.

most buildings aren't large enough to justify distinguishing them from their euclidean counterparts

2019-05-01 16:27:37
funny enough, searching giant rat brings up many capybaras

capybaras have mastered the art of making friends

2019-04-19 23:08:54
Would it be bad if I tried to pet the giant rat?

it is highly recommended, and in fact, encouraged

2019-04-17 20:05:52
>what was that story with the sentient gas clouds on jupiter
i wish i knew! do you have any names? it sounds interesting

turns out it's 2010: odyssey two, and the sentient clouds are not at the center of the story, although there is an epilogue concerning the aquatic forms of life on europa

2019-04-13 04:00:11

i definitely started skimming through this on the third page

2019-04-09 18:19:41
i am going to scream something about aliens that i hope you find interesting
our only source of knowledge of anything related to life is sourced from our planet. so far, there are no other examples anywhere else in the universe. nowhere else. only 1 planet. in the universe.
so, considering this, when our thoughts turn to aliens i think we should keep in mind that we have absolutely no clue, none at all, of what examples of life outside of our planet could be.
for example, cells. cells are the building block of all life, on our planet. it is what every living thing on our planet is made of.
however, what if other life were not made of cells? what if their basic unit of life was fundamentally different from ours?
i don't think anyone could imagine what that would be like, when their fundamentals of life are different from ours. because all we know is all we know.
it's sort of like trying to imagine a different color, perhaps.
anyway, yeah. giant rat!!

what was that story with the sentient gas clouds on jupiter

2019-04-01 22:08:47
Tips for getting around the Void?

try not to move too fast so you don't trip on anything. if you get lost hopefully someone will find you

2019-03-27 20:35:10
may or may not have been putting my questions in to the search bar but it is fine

a different void, just slightly harder to retrieve things from

2019-02-09 22:45:08
Do any lost things float around in the Void?

it's mostly a vast emptiness, but spend enough time here and you're bound to bump into some things like the occasional lone sock or the eternal worm

2019-02-05 13:54:19
have you ever thought of doing a speedpaint? i think it would be cool to watch

i have thought about it, yes. maybe i should actually act on that

2019-01-30 23:17:45
Why are these trees watching?

trees don't move. if they're watching, it's because you're in their line of sight

2019-01-20 22:18:59
the sky is very pretty tonight

the moon is red

2019-01-06 05:01:44
 can i be the fjrst commwnt with a 2019 timestamp


2018-12-25 22:00:36
to listen to the void do you have to have a third ear? like a third eye but...ear

listening to the void is less about what you have to listen with and more about the direction you choose to listen.
anyone can do it, but that knowledge is hidden to retain both privacy and decency

2018-12-20 07:50:27
What kind of unholy mixture is chocolate syrup and water?

it's not that bad, really

2018-12-11 21:45:29
does unicode work in the void? ☃

yeah, had to fix that when i noticed accented letters weren't showing up right

2018-12-05 08:18:11
its so dark here

makes it easier to fall asleep

2018-11-24 16:15:11
hey how many people are in here

just the one

2018-11-21 00:47:01
do you like pie

not particularly, no

2018-11-15 14:19:37
Was anybody supposed to find this or maybe there was some hidden link that I didn't find.

i'm listening

2018-11-08 00:27:28
Allt sem hann sér

how beautiful to be

2018-10-22 21:42:57
ogzo is pretty cool

indeed, i believe so

2018-10-22 21:19:43

are you lost?

2018-10-22 21:12:07
Am I screaming yet

please keep your voice down

2018-10-22 21:04:25
small rat

small rat is also very good

2018-10-04 13:28:56